What We Do

We are a company with a complete solution to all of your Electrical and Audio Visual needs. Since their creation, Electrical and Audio Visual industries have been traditionally separated. The electronic solutions available today often require extensive knowledge in not only Audio and Visual solutions, but also a vast set of skills and experience installing Electrical products. All too often job-sites of both residential and commercial installations would require a team of experienced electricians to provide power and additionally another team of Audio Visual Technicians to program smart capabilities and install the device. This old school model was costly to the consumer and inefficient.

Who We Are

Owners Bob Rout and Eric Brocious teamed up to provide a solution. Eric Brocious, owner of EmB Computing has built a team of expert technicians with over 30 years of combined experience.  Bob Rout, owner of Third Wave Sound has been a leader in Audio Visual solutions for over a decade. After identifying the inefficiency of the old system, BR Electric & Audio Visual was born. Our passion for the technology industry makes us the one stop shop for all needs.